NAR Design providing art supplies to the Clare Valley

Whether you are a budding amateur painter, a family encouraging creativity or a professional looking for quality product, we can meet your needs.

NAR Design - The Journey Studio

Why do we sell art supplies? It all comes down to Meg, her history and her passion.

The story so far…

Growing up in galleries and around artists meant that Meg and her family were always drawing, painting and creating and now with children of her own, Meg is passing on this passion.

Seeing the joy that art brings to others and with her blossoming family of artists it was time to return to her roots in the art world. The first step in this process is to source quality art supplies and make them available to our community.

With that step complete, NAR Design can offer a range of quality art supplies. Our supplier catalogues have been reworked into smaller groups to enable easier selection. Check out our Art Supplies page for more info and pricing.

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