Step by step – a recent custom workstation build

NAR Design work with our clients to provide solutions catered for their needs including office networking and setup, choosing the best internet connection from the options available or providing email, hosting and training.

In this case a client was after performance for a large amount of image manipulation at a price. The solution is built for you below captured via a Nokia 1020 phone at various stages during the build process.

Motherboard install

The Gigabyte B85 motherboard is a consistent, good quality board with all of the features required within the budget. The photo shows the motherboard installed in the Antec case.

Custom build Gigabyte motherboard

Processor install

Quality control comes into play when installing the processor. Before install, the pins are checked to ensure good contact with the processor. The Nokia 1020 phone has a 41 megapixel sensor that allows excellent zoom providing image quality for checking the pins as well as providing an archive of the specific build at the same time.

Custom build CPU socket

Heatsink and RAM

The processor in this build is an Intel i7 4790 as the client is after some serious power but doesn’t want to overclock. The standard heatsink will do the job in this case, but we could have opted for an aftermarket heatsink for an additional cost.

Choosing Kingston HyperX Fury 2 x 8GB RAM was easy. The RAM is easily configurable and the heat spreaders provide additional support if things get a little warm. Not that we’re style experts, but the black colour matches well with the Gigabyte motherboard 😉

Custom build heatsink and RAM


On board graphics have come a very long way in a short number of years but the client demands some additional graphics processing which is delivered in the form of a Gigabyte GTX750 card. This provides the right blend of cost efficiency and performance kick for this build.

Custom build graphics and PSU


As you can see, we now have front panel headers including audio and USB3, Intel 530 Series SSD and Seagate HDD and the PSU installed. The Intel SSD provides excellent performance which the Seagate HDD provides large storage.

Custom build SSD HDD connections

The system was installed with Microsoft Windows 8.1 and paired with a quality 24” 1900×1200 IPS display.

So there it is, a blow by blow of the install of a custom system designed for performance at a price.

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