Welcome to Windows 10

Windows 10 on laptop and phone from NAR DesignThe latest evolution of Windows operating systems for home and business is here with Windows 10 and some of the biggest news is that it is a free upgrade for those with a suitably licensed Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer.

Other drawcards include protection, device management, productivity and integrating new types of devices.

Microsoft have studied data breach attacks in detail to build features in Windows 10 that protect against modern cyber threats and prevent them from happening. Passwords are becoming a thing of the past as we move towards more secure options such as biometrics and hardware-based multi-factor credentials.

(Note: NAR Design recognise that this isn’t a complete security solution and suggest that you allow us to work with you and your staff to provide a tailored solution for your needs. We currently partner with Trend Micro for business security solutions.)

Business can improve the deployment and device management in Windows 10 with a unified Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform including phones, laptops, Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Windows 10 allows businesses to stay secure and up to date with the latest technology, so they can drive innovation in their companies while reducing their infrastructure complexity and management costs.

Windows 10 on any device with NAR DesignWindows 10 will excite staff with the combination of user experience that feels natural and familiar, yet new and modern. Staff can interact with a Windows 10 device in any way they want, whether using a mouse and keyboard, touch, pen & ink or voice.

New devices are available that integrate with your line of business scenarios. Microsoft are introducing revolutionary new categories of devices (like HoloLens and Surface Hub) that redefine workplace productivity.

Be aware that there is no rush to take up the free upgrade to Windows 10 – you have a year from now to take up the offer.

NAR Design can provide advice as well as hands on support to manage your business migration to Windows 10. Contact us for more information.

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