Command Centre v1 with HP

A client of ours was interested in an ultra-portable device that could run all of his business applications but be versatile enough for client demos or just browsing on the couch.

HP Spectre x2 with four displays by NAR Design

He likes a lot of screen real estate at his desk and currently runs both 27” and 22” displays connected to his laptop. We thought we could do better…

We paired a high end version of the HP Spectre x2 with the HP Elite USB-C docking station. The Spectre x2 is a convertible two in one – a tablet with a keyboard that attaches magnetically.  This model runs the Intel M7 processor with onboard graphics, 8GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD for storage. With USB type C it can output data, video, power and sound to the docking station from a single port.

HP Spectre x2 available from NAR DesignThe docking station provides power, DisplayPort and HDMI outputs as well as Ethernet and five USB3 ports.

The test of docking station started with just 24” and 27” High Definition (1920 x 1080) displays plugged into DisplayPort and HDMI on the dock, but after this success the tests escalated. There were a couple of 22” High Definition USB displays in the office and these were quickly plugged in and configured.

Ever higher, the testing then pushed the boundaries of Excel with a single spreadsheet dragged across three of the four screens.

HP Elite USB-C docking stationThe Intel M7 performed better than expected – we were amazed that it could effectively push out graphics across five 1920 x 1080 screens. The next step is to find a couple of nice 27” curved displays. Stay tuned for “Command Centre v2”.

Please contact us if you feel the need to create your own “Command Centre”.

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