Custom gaming PC built to spec

gaming build componentsA while ago a client came to NAR Design with some very specific details of the gaming PC that he wanted to build.

We worked through each individual part and suggested some changes including the use of an Intel 330 SSD (Solid State Drive) and the Seasonic PSU (power supply).

The build was for both performance and aesthetics – it needed to look good and perform well so the use of the giant BitFenix Shinobi XL case with side window was chosen. This case has two 230mm fans, one in the front and one in the top as well as a 120mm fan in the back, however the choice of the Corsair H100 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler meant that one of the 230mm fans would be removed.

Choosing the “K” model Intel i5 processor that is unlocked for overclocking allows plenty of room for tweaking and combining this with liquid cooling provides the best opportunity for stable performance.

After discussions around GTX670 model graphics cards the EVGA GeForce GTX 670 was chosen due to its clean lines.

NAR Design built and performance tested the PC prior to delivery. See more of the system build pics below.

ASUS P8Z77-V Pro mother board with Corsair H100 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler radiator Corsair H100 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU cooling block mounted on the motherboard

Installing the radiator in the top of the case and the block on the CPU.

Asus-P8-Z77-V-Pro motherboard Corsair Vengeance RAM ready to be installed

A nice selection of blue components throughout the build.

The Corsair H100 installed next to the Corsair Vengeance RAM Seasonic X-Series 660W Gold PSU and accessories

The Seasonic X-Series PSUs come with an array of accessories. Modular cabling ensures a tidy build.

EVGA GeForce GTX670 in place and ready for power Gaming build components installed in the BitFenix Shinobi Window XL

The components in place taking full advantage of the BitFenix Shinobi cable management system.

BitFenix Shinobi Window XL PSU filter Gaming build Intel guy takes the photo through the window

The CPU filter slides out from under the case (above left) and the Intel Guy (thanks to the Intel Technology Partner Program) signs off on the build with a photo through the window (above right).


Parts list:

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