HP SpectreXT Ultrabook

HP SpectreXT Ultrabook available from NAR DesignRob has been prolonging the life of his HP laptop for many years with fresh operating system installs and upgrading to faster solid state drives for storage – the latest being a 180GB Intel 335 Series SSD.

But after almost six years of daily use, the time had come to upgrade. The only question was which way to go?

It had to be fast and durable – the last HP laptop was turned on and off, opened and shut up to ten times a day over six years so there are big shoes to fill!

Battery life has improved so much in the last few years, working all day without a recharge is now an option.

Thin and light would also be nice as it is the main “tool of trade”, carried around everywhere to see clients for work including farms, wineries, medical practices and general offices around the Clare Valley.

The HP SpectreXT Ultrabook was the final choice with Intel i7 processor and 256GB SSD but there are also models with Intel i5 processor and 128GB SSD.

The HP SpectreXT comes with a 13.3” screen, is only 17.9mm thick and weighs in at only 1.4Kg.

HP SpectreXT Ultrabook available from NAR DesignThe ultra thin, all-metal design looks and feels great. The hinge feels solid when you open it up and my work backpack almost feels like I’ve forgotten something as it is so light.

The backlit keyboard is nice to use and looks great in low light conditions. It really adds a touch of class.

The HP SpectreXT is loaded with the ports you’d expect on a world-class notebook, but on an Ultrabook™ instead. You even get the exclusive drop-jaw Ethernet hinge, as well as HDMI, and multiple USB ports. That’s more ways to connect without compromising size.

Installation and configuration was straightforward and Microsoft Office 2013 was soon working with Microsoft Office 365 to synchronise emails and documents.

So there you have it – Rob’s finally upgraded his old Core2Duo to an Ultrabook. If you’d like a demo in the Clare Valley, just let us know and we can arrange a time to drop by.

NAR Design provide the complete HP range of laptops and Ultrabooks as well as Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365 productivity tools. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.

HP SpectreXT Ultrabook available from NAR Design

HP SpectreXT Ultrabook available from NAR Design

HP SpectreXT Ultrabook available from NAR Design

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