NBN Roadshow coming to Clare 30th July

NBNRoadshow at ClareThe NBN (National Broadband Network) is a nation building project to provide a superfast broadband connection to all premises in Australia at an equitable cost.

When complete, 93% of Australian premises will have an optical fibre connection that allows a range of speeds and plans into the foreseeable future. The remaining 7% will connect via either fixed wireless or satellite but all users will have access to the same ongoing costs and plans.

There are great benefits to the nation to provide such a wholesale solution. Locally, the Clare region will see a vast improvement in both access costs and connection speed leading to benefits for business, education, health, agriculture and more.

NAR Design provides a range of services that will be impacted by the NBN and would like to help promote information on the rollout to our community.
The NBN Roadshow will be in Clare on the 30th of July 2013 at the Clare Sports Centre providing information and answering questions on the NBN and the rollout. You can register here.

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