Proposed NBN Fixed Wireless North Clare tower application

NBN Fixed Wireless Clare tower coverage - NAR DesignDo you live outside of the town boundary of Clare and have been struggling for decent internet? NBN have an application in with council that needs your support. This includes the areas of Armagh, Stanley Flat, Spring Gully, Emu Flat, Neagles Rock and Spring Farm.

The proposal at 29 Government Road (off Blyth Road), Armagh is ideally suited to meeting the required nbn radio coverage and service levels, whilst minimising the impact on the surrounding landscape as a carefully sited slimline monopole.

Before the Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council DAP makes a decision on the Application, Council will consider all submissions on the proposal. Our consultants at Aurecon have only recently been advised by Council that advertising of the application commenced on 12th August and will finish on 26th August (this Friday).

Submissions are welcome by email from businesses and local residents who stand to benefit from broadband services provided from the proposed nbn facility.

If you (or anyone that you know) wish to support the proposal, please send your submission to Council advising of your support for the proposal (and reasons for support). This can be sent to Council via email:

Submission by Email – (Nathan Grainger – Manager Development & Environment) OR (or send to both)

Please quote the DA Reference Number when making a submission – 433/167/16

NBN Fixed Wireless provides internet via point to point link from the NBN tower to your home or business. If you live within 14 kilometres of a tower and have line of sight (LoS) then you should be able to access NBN Fixed Wireless at speeds up to 50Mbps down and 25Mbps up.

Contact NAR Design for more information.

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