Infographic time! Absurd rules from NBNCo

It is pretty well known that we deal with a lot in Fixed Wireless (FW) and Fibre to the Node (FTTN) technologies. We have experience in Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) as well and try to get anyone that can away from Satellite (Sat or SkyMuster) if we can.

We’ve even been accredited as NBN Business Advisors due to our training and commitment to getting people connected.

But sometimes the rules don’t make sense… <shakes head slowly>


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NAR Design – your local nbn Accredited Advisor

NAR Design have been following the nbnTM story since it was announced, way back in 2007 and have been connecting businesses since services have become available to our clients in 2015.

Over this time we have developed a wealth of experience with the process – from facilitating the mapping process, non-standard installs and changing technologies for clients to get them a better broadband outcome.

Our continued training has resulted in various certifications from nbnTM with the latest being nbnTM Business Accredited Advisor.

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NBN Live in Clare

Network cabling, patch panel and switch - NAR DesignFibre to the Node (FTTN) NBN is now active in Clare and NAR Design can assist getting you connected. This type of fixed line uses the existing copper to connect to a “Node” in your street, hopefully not too far away. The “Node” connects to fibre optic cable that connects to the rest of the NBN network.

NBN Connection Options in Clare

If you have a business we recommend connecting on a different line to your ADSL for redundancy. There may be an additional cost but this removes the problem of a failed migration resulting in no internet for a period of time. If the internet connection is important to you or your business, please go with this option.

Speed may now be a choice for your connection! The current connection to your home or business is most likely ADSL2+ with downloads up to 24Mbps and uploads up to 1Mbps. Depending on your distance from the Node, NBN offers speed tiers over FTTN (using VDSL) of 25/5Mbps, up to 50/20Mbps and up to 100/40Mbps.

New phone systems are now available to you at very competitive rates. We can supply systems with no upfront costs, included calls and new handsets – contact us for more information.

NBN FTTN Node in Lee St Clare - NAR DesignDon’t forget that the NBN is NOT just Telstra – there are many quality providers available for your connection. We work closely with and resell Aussie Broadband and can help your business get connected.

Also – there is no rush to change. You have 18 months from the RFS date of 18th December to migrate from your traditional copper service to the upgraded copper service on NBN for your phone and data.

Questions? Let us have a look at your business communications and provide some recommendations.

Proposed NBN Fixed Wireless North Clare tower application

NBN Fixed Wireless Clare tower coverage - NAR DesignDo you live outside of the town boundary of Clare and have been struggling for decent internet? NBN have an application in with council that needs your support. This includes the areas of Armagh, Stanley Flat, Spring Gully, Emu Flat, Neagles Rock and Spring Farm.

The proposal at 29 Government Road (off Blyth Road), Armagh is ideally suited to meeting the required nbn radio coverage and service levels, whilst minimising the impact on the surrounding landscape as a carefully sited slimline monopole.

Before the Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council DAP makes a decision on the Application, Council will consider all submissions on the proposal. Our consultants at Aurecon have only recently been advised by Council that advertising of the application commenced on 12th August and will finish on 26th August (this Friday).

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NBN info session at the Rising Sun hotel with NAR Design and Aussie Broadband

NAR Design and Aussie Broadband at the Rising Sun Auburn 25-9-2015Do you want to know more about the National Broadband Network (NBN)?

NAR Design will join Aussie Broadband at the Rising Sun Hotel, Auburn on Friday the 25th of September 2015 between one and five in the afternoon for an informal afternoon Q&A session and you are welcome to come along and ask questions, check your address and sign up.

Fixed wireless towers have recently gone live in the Clare and Gilbert Valleys in South Australia between Watervale and Tarlee, including Leasingham, Auburn, Undayla, around Saddleworth, Rhynie, Riverton, Giles Corner and Tarlee with a tower at Owen servicing Alma. NBN Fixed wireles offers speeds of 25Mbps download and 5Mbps upload with the promise of 50/20Mbps before the end of the year.

The NBN install is free for standard installs and if you sign up on a 24 month contact Aussie Broadband will provide a preconfigured wireless router for free as well.

These speeds come with cost effective quotas and you can choose whether you still need your landline, migrate the number to an internet service (VOIP) or do without and save.

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NBN Roadshow coming to Clare 30th July

NBNRoadshow at ClareThe NBN (National Broadband Network) is a nation building project to provide a superfast broadband connection to all premises in Australia at an equitable cost.

When complete, 93% of Australian premises will have an optical fibre connection that allows a range of speeds and plans into the foreseeable future. The remaining 7% will connect via either fixed wireless or satellite but all users will have access to the same ongoing costs and plans.

There are great benefits to the nation to provide such a wholesale solution. Locally, the Clare region will see a vast improvement in both access costs and connection speed leading to benefits for business, education, health, agriculture and more.

NAR Design provides a range of services that will be impacted by the NBN and would like to help promote information on the rollout to our community.
The NBN Roadshow will be in Clare on the 30th of July 2013 at the Clare Sports Centre providing information and answering questions on the NBN and the rollout. You can register here.

NBN rollout plan announced

NBN rollout Clare South Australia March 2012Yesterday Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced stage one of the National Broadband Network’s wide-scale rollout plan.

Over the next three years, construction of the fibre optic component of the NBN will be underway or completed in areas containing 3.5 million premises, in 1,500 communities across every state and territory in Australia.

Towns around the Clare Valley region announced for connection starting within three years include Clare, Balaklava, Riverton, Saddleworth and Burra.

NBN Co plans to rollout fibre optic broadband designed to offer speeds of up to 100 megabits per second to 93% of Australia. The Clare Valley can expect connections at these speeds in the towns listed above, with wireless and satellite services at 10 megabits per second provided in other locations.

NAR Design provide broadband consulting services to clients, connecting ADSL2+, mobile and fixed wireless and satellite services.

Find out more about the NBN rollout.

New options for broadband in the Mid North

Frustrated with limited options for broadband in the Mid North? Stuck on satellite technology and tired of waiting for web pages to appear? Would you rather travel to town to check your email or browse a web site?

A new option is now available for the Mid North of South Australia – Wimax can be delivered by Aussie Broadband and NAR Design can advise you on plans and pricing. You may be eligable for the Australian Broadband Guarantee and get free installation.

Plans start from just $19.95 with half price offers for six months for eligible applicants.

NAR Design can travel to you to provide a technology audit, checking your current systems and providing the right advice on upgrades and replacements as required.

Contact NAR Design for more information.

Read the press release from Regional Development Australia Yorke and Mid North.